Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It's kind of ironic. Despite thinking my legs are spindly, I'm looking for stilts in SL. Not the kind that you have to hold the end of in your hand, but the kind that leaves your hands free. Something I could wear a really long skirt over.

Googling doesn't turn up anything. I commissioned a pair for myself and a friend, but haven't heard anything well over a year later.

Any pointers? I'd be in your debt.

UPDATE: Thanks to the wonderful Cheyenne Palisades, I now own a pair of really high platform heels... I'm guessing a meter or more. Find them at Curio Obscura.

UPDATE: From the source: "
With heels almost one and a half meters tall, these might just be the highest heels in all the grid [emphasis added]". Whee! Now, to edit a gown...

Yet another update: there might be a way I could look more ridiculous than I did when I first walked with the boots on, but I can't think of what it would be; if I did that in RL, I'd have dislocated something! When you put them on, take off any walk AO you might be wearing. Dueling animations: the results aren't pretty.


Cheyenne Palisades said...

Melissa, you can get stilts of a sort at Curio Obscura. They're a riot. Rendervisions Isle (190, 166).

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

*does happy dance* They're wonderful! Thank you so much!