Saturday, November 28, 2015

Mesh Clothing Update

Mesh clothing is proving to be more subtle than I thought.

I signed on today to look around for some modest fitted mesh clothing, and discovered two things:
  1. My legs had disappeared!
  2. My shoulders and elbows were no longer peeking through the top of the dress... and seeing Sofia Zabaleta's beautiful work as it was intended was a joy. It's a good thing I don't have it in real life, or I'd walk around running my hands over the soft fabric.
I reapplied the ombre tights (a nice pair with olive green fading to white that matches the dress beautifully) and poof, the dress went south again. There's something about the two that keep them from working and playing well with one another, which is a shame. (The other shame is that I haven't figured out how to get the sandals to work with the tights, either. I guess that's understandable, since the shoes come with their own feet.) Once it all works, it will be great; it's just getting to that point.

1 comment:

Soul Train said...

Sounds like there's the perennial alpha issue between dress and tights. Time to turn on alpha masking...