Saturday, August 01, 2015

Another beautiful travel blog

"El mundo es como un libro abierto, quien no viaja sólo ha leído la primera página".

(The world is like an open book--whoever does not travel has only read the first page.)

That appears by the "about the author" portion at the bottom of a beautiful travel blog, Bitacora Viajera, mentioned in a recent post in New World Notes.

The article says the blog is "bilingual", but I would say that it's much like Caminante de Sueños, both in style and in being not bilingual but nonlingual. The photos of the sites featured speak for themselves. Both blogs are more than worth your following.

(Just what does that title mean, anyway? My Spanish vocabulary isn't that great so I had to look it up. Una bitácora is a binnacle--and now we see that my English vocabulary may not be that great, either; I had to look binnacle up, too! A binnacle is a post in a ship to which a gimbal-mounted compass is attached. As an adjective, viajero or viajera means "traveling" (thus "los Wilbury viajeros"--yes, "Wilbury" rather than "Wilburys". In Spanish, you don't pluralize the family name). So, a "traveling binnacle", a guide to your journeys in Second Life.)

P. S. Apologies to my long-ago Spanish teachers for the translation. Unlike Spanish, English forces a gender on one ("he who doesn't travel..."), and "whoever" was the cleanest PC version I could come up with.

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