Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hope to see you soon in a better virtual place, Qarl...

A must-read from Qarl Fizz né Linden: "goodbye, second life".

I am amazed and grateful that he hung on as long as he did in the face of Linden Lab's unconscionable foot-dragging on the mesh deformer.

Someone on NWN in comments on a video of an in-world presentation by IP lawyers on TOS and IP has already done a "So long and thanks for all the sculpties" HHGttG reference, so I'll skip that. Besides, I hope it's not so long, at least not forever.

Read the whole post, but I have to quote its end:
fellow citizens of the virtual world: next time we do this, we absolutely must be more careful. no matter how cute and earnest our rulers appear in the beginning, we cannot accept their promise "trust us". we need DEMOCRACY. we need it at the foundation, and we need it in writing. 
see you on the other side.

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