Sunday, August 04, 2013

In praise of Busted

I know I always say that the staff at Busted has outdone itself each month, but darn it, it's always been true... and this month is no exception. Especially impressive is how the photos of Missy Powers have been processed to suggest motion, something I don't think is possible yet purely via the SL snapshot facilities. (If only they let you set a virtual shutter speed...!)

The August 2013 issue also takes an enjoyable diversion into the Linden Endowment for the Arts sims; many thanks to Bellimora for a fine article.

Angel covers the First Annual Miss Busty SL Pageant, an event I wish I could have attended--but would not want to have to judge. I could never choose just one. (Remember how E.E. "Doc" Smith described the ratings of starship captains in the Lensman series, with hair's-breadth differences between the first N, for some large N? That's what I'm reminded of.)

Finally... I look forward to Xarah Undercroft's reviews of the many breast attachments that will appear in issues to come; if her "Tops and Bottoms" articles are any indication, they will be very good indeed! (And with the very welcome proliferation of breast attachments, quite helpful.)

I'll repeat myself yet again: if you have any interest in the Second Life busty community, Busted is among the very first resources you should turn to.

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