Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kind of ironic

So today I went looking for a beach to take some pictures... TavWear makes really nice swimsuits, and I'm overdue for some pictures. Down through the search results I went, and came to one called Busty's Beach Island.

Sounds promising, right? I headed there, and found the billboard with the rules, and near the top: "No overly-sized or un-natural [sic] body parts."

As I took a picture of the billboard, the lady whose island it is asked me, with impeccable courtesy, to remove my prim breasts. I told her I'd just seen the billboard and was headed home. She thanked me, and I said it was no problem. 

Of course, it's her island, and she can establish the rules she wishes... but it seems kind of ironic for "Busty's Beach Island" to forbid prim breasts. I had to smile just a little. I did find a beach, though, and got a picture or two. Not being actually in the water, I had on a wrap skirt.

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JillGazov said...

Old post I know but I am browsing through your wonderful blog at the moment <3

There is still a disconnect between some people and prim boobs, even after all these years. I think it's silly, and a little offensive, that people are turned away from venues for physical appearance. Though, on the other hand, we all judge on appearance, and she certainly is within her rights, You can barely consider full scaled default tits to be busty!

I recall getting flak from what I would call the other side of SL, for having large prim breasts ina sim called "Busty Bitches"

Any time you get comments, negative about your breasts are discouraging and a little hurtful, but even more so when you think it is a safe space to be yourself, as so called bust venues should be.