Friday, July 06, 2012

Another reason to use Firestorm...

...can be found here.

Basically, the Firestorm developers have found the problem with operations that load or save files that cause the Second Life client (not just the LL client, I hasten to add) to hang in Linux if you try to save a photo to disk.

Now to go over and see whether I can be a beta tester if I make puppy eyes at them. :)

UPDATE: No need. I am now running Firestorm, and I can save a photo to disk. Please, people responsible for other SL clients, adopt this fix ASAP.... and thank you to the Firestorm developers. The grid is in your debt.

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Eira Kalil said...

Firestorm also solved the problem with the Merchant Outbox in Linux that It still present in the official viewer...

Firestorm is the best Second life client right now IMHO.