Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Important notice

Please read this post on Maggie Bluxome's blog concerning Essentials Breasts, especially if you received a full-permission version of them during these past few days.

It's sad news. I do not know what this will mean for those with legitimately purchased Essentials Breasts, and I hope that we'll see a return of breasts with the Essentials shape--Jennifur does beautiful work.


Maggie Bluxome said...

Thank you, Melissa. This could have potential to hurt not only the Essential Breast users but all prim breast users.

If free, fully permission breasts with full scripting and HUD is being offered, why buy any prim breasts?

Eve said...

I do not support the release of the Essentials breasts full permissions, but I did have something to say about a particular piece of Maggie's comment.

"If free, fully permission breasts with full scripting and HUD is being offered, why buy any prim breasts?"

That's actually kind of a silly question. The Essentials breasts are not a perfect "end-all, be-all" breast, that would fulfill anyone's possible wants. People would buy other prim breasts for the same reasons that they do now- they like the shape, the style, the textures, the features, the clothing fit.

Foxbeans are available for just 300L- so why would anyone spend more on other breasts, if money is the only consideration? Because Foxbeans aren't what they want.

If anything having breasts available for free might help sales of other breasts- there's a lot of people on the fence about them that would welcome an opportunity to try them out, test out some clothing, and fiddle with skin matching, without spending a large chunk of money or walking around with demo tags all over, and most of them aren't aware that foxbeans are an option (which is a shame, they're really lovely breasts but they don't get enough press).

Again, I do not support or condone the release of the Essentials breasts full permissions, I'm just providing a little perspective on another side to the conversation.

Maggie Bluxome said...

I think my point is being missed.

Fully featured breasts for free that work with the major brand appliers would be more widely used than buying another brand.

There are a lot of avatars in SL who do not have money. Where even $300L is a lot to them.

If they can get free breasts, they would rather do that and spend the money on clothes.

This hurts all prim breast makers, even Foxbean's.

Eve said...

Most of these same people wouldn't be spending 1000-1300L on breasts in the first place, however, as they simply don't have the funds. I'm not saying no one would use them as they are and never upgrade, even having the means to do so, but most do not fall into that category.

There are other communities in SL where free version of what defines them are available- furry avatars, the my little pony avatars-, but most people do not use them because they want something different that suits their personal taste more. The free versions being available do not cause noticeable harm to the sales of the full-priced options, because those who use the free option because they can't afford the full-priced options can't afford it whether there's a free alternative or not.

This isn't the circumstance under which free breasts should be made available, of course, and they should not be redistributed, but again... people who would use free breasts because they don't have the money to buy breasts... aren't going to have the money to buy breasts with or without free ones available. You can't lose a sale you aren't going to make in the first place.

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

I believe that's one of the stock rationalizations for copying software rather than paying for it--those who copy it wouldn't have bought it anyway. That's just what it is, a rationalization.

Moreover, in this case we're not talking about Big Companies that are that much easier to rationalize not paying for products, but individuals who are putting out serious effort to make something as good as they can for people who often include good friends.

Maggie is right; this hurts all prim breast makers, and by extension the busty community of SL.

Eve said...

What I'm arguing isn't the illegal copying of anything- as I said, I don't approve of the release of these breasts by any means. What has happened is not good for anyone, and is sad to see.

I simply don't see how the general idea of free breasts being available would hurt anyone, especially considering how subjective to personal taste prim breasts are- the majority of people will buy theirs because they want breasts that suit them, and people who can't afford breasts can't afford them, regardless of the availability of an alternative. It's not much different from the availability of free clothing or other attachments in sl- most people still buy them because they want things that suit -their- avatar, not just whatever's available for free.

If the cost were the -only- consideration in choosing a pair of breasts, you'd see a lot less people spending 1k+ when there ARE less expensive alternatives. They want what suits their avatar and their needs best, not just whatever they can get.

As I said, I am merely attempting to hold a discussion on a topic I found interesting. Sometimes my brain just churns these things over whether I ask it to or not.

Phoebe said...

"I simply don't see how the general idea of free breasts being available would hurt anyone."

She's not talking about the distribution of pirated wares; it's simply about the availability of a free option. One affects the market negatively. The other affects it positively, by encouraging those who price their wares to make it worth the money, because a free option is available.

Obviously the free option should be one that was intended to be released for free, but the mere presence of freebies in the market isn't going to destroy the chances of anyone buying the priced options.

Eve said...

Exactly, Phoebe, and put much more eloquently than I could manage! ^^

Maggie Bluxome said...

I feel we all agree to disagree on this.

Aliasi Stonebender said...

Belated, but it sounds like Profoky's old rant on how freebies 'kill the market'; it's the kind of thing that makes me want to make a product of the type specifically to release it for free. :P

Which is not to say this is a good thing in the least, but considering the difference between the 'cheap' and the 'expensive prim tits on the market is, like, US$ 2.00, it's not really a big deal in my view. It'd be different if someone was asking for US$ 60 like some of Starax's old art and items.

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

If someone were to decide to make prim breasts and give them away, more power to them. They can live or die based on their quality, like anything else.

That's not what was done here.

Shayna Korobase said...

My opinion only.... you are both right. In the end quality wins out. if you make something great that poeple want then regardless of whether there is a free one out there or not people will find a way to buy them. However having high quality free ones out there does hurt the market in general. The main point here that we should not forget is someone did something that was just plain wrong. This person already started accusing people (me) of doing things they have never done. Not the actions of a rational person. However... karma is indeed a bitch and eventually justice will be served. But I say to everyone... in the name of justice don't support these STOLEN implants. yes... they were stolen. Don't support these actions. Be better then that. I personally can't wait for jenn to make new ones. She has the skill to do it and the fan base to support it. I know I will be the first in line when she does. Peace. ~Shayna Korobase