Monday, January 02, 2012

Unwelcome wagon

There are some places in Second Life where prim breast users are not welcome. It's not a new thing; the SL forums archive has a thread from April 2007 about a woman who was ejected from a nude beach (!) for using prim breasts. I was told to remove my (completely covered) prim breasts in one of the Gossip Girl sims in January 2008. More recently, Misty Rain and Shayna Korobase have written about their similar experiences.

So... perhaps the thing to do is to put together lists of prim breast friendly and prim breast unfriendly places in Second Life. Let me know of both kinds of places; I can be reached by email at Then everybody wins. If you're a sim owner who doesn't want prim breast users to darken your virtual door, let us know and we will take ourselves, and our L$, elsewhere.
Picard: The only benefit to the Klingon Empire... would be our gratitude.
B'ljik: That is what you want me to tell [Gowron]?!
Picard: Yes, and please tell him that, if he is unable to provide us with a ship, then I am sure that there are others in the Klingon Empire... who would be willing to help me. And then, they would have our gratitude.

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Kaseido said...

That is the most awesomely geeky analogy ever! <3

I'd love to hear what you hear back, one way or another, from the community and from retailers/sim owners.

Happy New Year!