Monday, December 12, 2011

At a nudist resort?!

Shayna Korobase, creator of the lovely "Spanked" skins, tells of her experiences as a prim breast user at an SL nudist resort.

I'm flabbergasted. It's hard to imagine an RL nudist resort telling someone she needs to get breast reduction surgery before she could return, but the SL equivalent exists, it would seem.

UPDATE: Take a look at the SL forums from four and a half years ago, and you'll find this thread starting with a message from a lady who was... you guessed it... told she couldn't use prim breasts at a nude beach. Plus ça change...

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Susyn Stenvaag said...

It's been a while since I responded to these posts......

HI MELISSA!!!!!!! (HUG).

And to all prim breast users, YOU GO, GIRL!!!!!!!

As a member of the overly-endowed (SL & RL) I feel the pain/prejudice toward those of us who can't directly view our feet. Sadly SL has just as much of this type of thing as the real world and there is a surprising amount of intolerance toward prim body parts. My most recent "toss out" was an immediate ejection from a quaint Bavarian theme sim. No IM, just an immediate ban. On asking the owner why, I was informed that my prim breasts were not allowed. And I was dressed in long flowing robes that covered everything except my hands and head. The real joke to me was that the owner and her partner were a strongly religious couple (according to SL profiles) and he was a fox (orange fur, whiskers, bushy tail, claws) and she was a fully human Barbie-doll clone. They were cuddling on a bench when I walked by. Apparently interspecies pairings are ok but better not have realistic bosoms of any size.
I assured the owner that I'd spread the word so none of my busty friends would interfere in their sanitized little world and we'd keep our L$ away too. Wouldn't want to pollute paradise with tainted coins.

I did read Shayna's post and (to me) the photo isn't unrealistically large. I thought she looked quite lovely.

I will admit there are some places where an enormous bust isn't practical, like historical sims where the roleplay dictates a certain style of dress. It is hard to stuff them into a suit of armor for instance. But a nude beach??? Get real. Or virtual. SL was meant to be fun and there are plenty of places to play that don't have the avatar police.