Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Plea to Prim Breast Makers

(I seem to be pleading a lot lately.)

I hope that you'll seriously consider registering over at Buxom Life. I'm hoping that among the things that it will become is a way that prim breast users and those who are considering prim breasts can communicate with you, and vice versa. Communication is an issue--see the interview with Emeline Magic in Big Booby Girls in Second Life--and several things conspire to make that communication difficult:
  • IMs get capped
  • new residents may not know how to create and send notecards
  • some prim breast makers don't have web sites; at least one exists but has sat in an unfinished state for months
  • above all, there's no way I know of to spread the word among new SL residents
If prim breast users can see others' comments, they are encouraged to add their own, to agree with someone else's suggestion they'd not have thought of themselves, or to be inspired to come up with a better idea.

Finally, do you want to let people like those at What the Fug? be the ones that define you, your products, and their users? I certainly hope not.


Icon said...

hmmmm website idea noted.

Maggie Bluxome said...

I'd be willing to take what you wrote and hand delivery it via notecard to all the prim breast makers that haven't visited Buxom Life.

I know Icon is active there. Her commitment is promising and I hope others follow her example.