Sunday, December 13, 2009

Some hope, perhaps?

I came across something in the Alphaville Herald that surprised me greatly.

Analogous to British tabloids' "Page 3 girls", the Herald has a "Post 6 Grrrl" (that's the right number of "r"s, I think). To be honest, I don't understand why anyone not a masochist would volunteer to be featured there, because the near-universal response to each such feature is a batch of insults of varying levels of viciousness.

The latest (as I type) "Post 6 Grrrl", Alessandra Narayan, is a reporter at the Herald, and her appearance was followed by the usual sort of comments, but... what surprised me was a comment of a sort one doesn't often see in big name blogs:
You want to see a really beautiful big busted avatar? Look up Minka Pearl. She is drop dead pretty. This one is trying hard but, Oh my, she is not a representation of the wonderful looks that have been achieved lately in the big busty girl world. But Aless has every right to look the way she wants.
Admittedly, the commenter is not praising Ms. Narayan, who has a nice figure that I'd say is generously proportioned to match her prim breasts, but--to see someone in as widely-read a blog as the Herald refer to any well-endowed avatar as "really beautiful" and "drop dead pretty" is, I'd say, a significant advance.

I hasten to add that I don't mean to discount the lovely compliments I've received in comments here. It's just that prim breast users are, in the mainstream of SL, typically mocked and derided. One can't make much from a sample size of one, but one can hope.

UPDATE: Shame on me for not including a link to Minka's blog, where she models and advertises her limited edition clothing for the well-endowed.

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