Monday, May 25, 2009

Google Analytics: slightly less embarrassing

For a long time, when I'd look at Google Analytics, the map option was a little embarrassing, because the state with the most views was Iowa, i.e. I was viewing my own blog rather a lot. Maybe I made more typos then, or I was repeatedly checking for responses—goodness knows I'm embarrassed at the number of comments I've missed for a long time.

So, it's a great relief to look at Google Analytics and find several states showing more views than Iowa. Comes from how I was brought up, I guess: pride is a sin; don't blow your own horn, and so forth.

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Susyn Stenvaag said...

Hi Melissa! (waves)

Something to consider, you may be influencing your results simply by looking at the statistics. According to modern quantum mechanics a system may exist in multiple states at any one time. One does not know what state the system is in until one looks, thereby forcing the system to assume the particular state that is seen when one looks at it. Google Analytics may be pointing at Antarctica until you tilt it to Iowa by looking at it. Then it happily drifts back to another location. Or not.

Same sort of thing going on when you shut the refrigerator door. Question isn't whether the light is on or not. Question is, does it teleport to Vegas and party until you open the door next time?