Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lolas store moves

I was reading the interesting and very long-lived thread "Where Did You Get Those Boobs?" on SLUniverse and noticed something that Lolas fans and those considering Lolas will want to know (and many thanks to Marianne Little for posting it): the Lolas shop has moved. It's now on Lolas/193/225/47, and with the sim actually named Lolas, I suspect that's a long-term move, and I will definitely go looking to see what else might be there. More news as it happens.

UPDATE: So far, there's just the Lolas store and some lovely surroundings, including some hills and a nice beach...not that there's anything wrong with having a well-designed store in a beautiful setting! Do take a look.

Tacky stuff for SL... does it already exist?

I was chatting with Milky Atlas this morning, and couldn't help thinking of some very silly stuff to let Second Life imitate, um, art:
  • an SL "smartphone" with something looking like a lens and a light, with accompanying gesture so you can take fake mirror self-portraits. (The light's there because you may need a flash, after all...)
  • A "duck face" animation.
Now, the question is, has someone already come out with these?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A group and blog for Tango fans

If you wish to follow the proliferation of Tango-only clothing, there's a Second Life group and associated blog that will be of interest to you: the Tango Clothing Group. Here's a link to the blog: Tango Clothing Group.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Rebirth of the Cool

Finally. Today I had time to seriously clean my computer, paying special attention to heat sink fans and fins.

Results: wonderful! I spent a whole hour and a half in world with nary a beep. I heard a slight noise from the graphics card fan when I first powered up again that makes me worry a bit, but the noise seems to have gone away. (I'll ask the card maker about a replacement fan in any case.)

Now for a plea that I expect will do no good. (Like I expect motherboard, heat sink, CPU, and graphics card makers to read this blog...)

For heaven's sake, all you above-mentioned people, please hurry up and adopt the Sandia Cooler. It's
  • ten times smaller than current coolers
  • very quiet
  • immune to dust fouling!
OK... I feel better now, both for having written that and having corrected the problem I was having. I'll be in-world more often now. I've missed you.

Something else to do for St. Patrick's Day

It's Saint Patrick's Day. In America, alas, it seems to be a day for stupid people to drink insane quantities of beer that's been dyed green. (In Chicago, the Chicago River is dyed green, but I once saw it on another day, and it was still green--just a different shade.) In a bizarre promotional campaign, Arby's is tying a bogo offer for its Reuben sandwich (whose invention is attributed either to a Lithuanian or a German) to Saint Patrick's Day. (?!)

This Saint Patrick's Day, though, you can do something a bit different. Trinity College Dublin has made the Book of Kells viewable at no cost in its entirety online. If you aren't familiar with the Book of Kells, suffice it to say that it's one of Ireland's, and the world's, art treasures, an amazing work of calligraphy and illumination. I'd include an image here, but trust me, you want to see it on the web site where Trinity College Library has made it available. Images I could put here wouldn't do it justice.

I will, though, share a wonderful song by the highly talented Susan McKeown. (Unlike a certain other song, this one actually is an Irish lullaby.)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The sad part

I fell for the begging scam, aka the "flatterbot", a few months ago. Alas, I was caught before I entered a store in which a very helpful person was pointing out what was going on, and I have to admit I should have noticed some things that didn't quite add up.

So... I lost a few L$, but now I see I've lost something else.

In today's email came this:
Hi there, my name's [redacted] and I stumbled upon your vida segunda blog one day recently... I like it, especially the pictures you've taken. I'd really love to get into second life, but I've always been afraid I'll get addicted to it! But your pictures and your accounts of your experiences make me want to jump in too, haha. So I just wanted to say hi and that I enjoy your blog, and... Maybe if I join SL one day, it would be nice to chat with you :) thanks for providing some inspiration, ~[redacted]
Now I can't help wondering--is this flatterbot v2.0?

UPDATE: Yes... that's the real loss. Being burned once poisons future possible interactions, and I fear that my having written about it has done just that, though it was not my intent. Darn it.

Hoping to be back soon

Events have conspired to keep me away from the grid in large part.
  • Remember "The Melissa Yeuxdoux Chair of Second Life"? That unfortunate episode has replayed, save that I didn't have time to seek out alternatives, but instead wobbled atop a failing chair until I could get a replacement. It didn't give me much motivation to use my main computer.
  • Lately my computer of choice for SL has, I think, developed heating issues. At first, landing in a new spot caused beeps that eventually went away after a while--perhaps after all the new textures and such from the new sim were loaded? Now, I arrive at Whimsy and in a few seconds the beeps start.
Now that I can sit at the computer desk without feeling at risk, I can open the case and do some serious cleaning and inspection. I hope that I will be back in SL soon. (I'm way overdue for a "price an inexpensive SL computer" article.)